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It is generally accepted that the Club began its existence on May 1st 1867. The club house was built in 1867 as a single storey building expressly for the use of members — gentlemen only — and the first President was Benjamin Staniforth. In addition to paying an annual subscription early members each bought a £5 share. This entitled the member to part ownership in the Club— “The Proprietary” as it was known.

s03940The other main pastime for members was playing cards. In 1875 there were structural alterations made to the building to accommodate two billiard tables on the first floor, a liquor cellar was built and the path surrounding the green was asphalted. The Minute Books record that in 1894 a telephone was installed. In 1899 electric lighting was provided to the billiards room.

In 1901 the Club acquired the freehold for the princely sum of £57.10s and central heating was installed.

In 1902 a new licensing Act allowed the Club to remain open from 8am to 2.30 the next morning and it was minuted that "the Steward be allowed 5/- a week for a servant." A third table was established in the billiards room in 1934 and a "Gentlemen’s Bar" (now known as “the back bar”) as recently as 1950. A 9-hole putting green was constructed in 1953.

Among the Club’s minutes are such observations that "one dozen metal spitoons be provided", that "rifle practice be not allowed on the premises" and that "suggestions for a wireless set for news are not considered advisable".

In 1962 the rules were completely revised, the word “Proprietary” was dropped and the Club became owned by all the members with the property being vested in five trustees. The reason for the Club’s existence was for bowling.